About fundation

“Rescue from oblivion” Foundation has been registered on 19 December 2005 in District Court in Lodz with the number KRS 0000247455. Till January 2013 the office, studio, and administration of Foundation were situated in Lodz, on 223 Wólczańska Street in the building of Technical University of Lodz Institute of Papermaking and Printing. Nowadays they are in the “House of Paper” on 282 Piotrkowska Street in  Lodz in the Central Museum of Textiles. As statute says, the Foundation can function in Poland and abroad in conformity with legal regulations in force. The Foundation can form local and foreign branches and can join the organisations and foundations with similar aims. Foundation uses motto “Maximo cum studio” (Most from science). The Foundation also: ٱ popularises on broadens one’s knowledge about hand made paper, typography, graphical technics, history and historical bookbinding, ٱ conducts scientifical, educational and cultural activity in range listed above, and especially it popularises the knowledge about bibliology, ٱ inspires and supports an intelectual development of young people and students, ٱ maintains the national traditions, including development of national and cultural awareness, ٱ supports social initiatives which implement the aims of Foundation and apply to charity and social assistance, ٱ provides enhancement of qualifications in range of artistical bookbinding, ٱ provides the financial assistance for those who popularises the knowledge about books. The Foundation exists to preserve and promote the art and craft of the book. Our mission is to educate and, in the broadest possible context, to bring to public recognition of the craft  and the rich history of the civilizations of the book. In the foundation’ s museum we also organise a lot of events and exhibitions to broaden the masterpieces connected the paper.

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